Saturday, March 23, 2013

Joining Open Education and developing a learning plan #817open

Somewhat to my surprise, I have decided to take another MOOC (Massive Open On-line Course).  This one is from the Open University in United Kingdom and is on Open Education (  I recently completed the E-learning and Digital Culture (EDC MOOC)and I learned about this course from the EDC Google+ group and on Twitter.  I

I am a pediatrician and I am involved in medical education during the clinical years (medical students and pediatric residents).  I learned a tremendous amount through the E-learning and Digital Culture MOOC particularly about the process of learning from peers in social media groups and about the many tools available for on-line education- for content delivery and for collaborative learning and creation.  It was a bit overwhelming and time-intensive, though I really enjoyed it and it "energized" me in my work.   I did wonder if I would apply what I learned in my teaching. 

Open Education #817 is an opportunity for me to think e-learning in a more systematic way and to think about what aspects might be applicable to medical education.  I include in medical education: trainee education, family and patient education, and collaboration/knowledge creation across disciplines and groups.

My Personal Learning Plan for this course includes:

1) Develop a strategy to organize what I am learning.
    - I am still using paper files (or the digital equivalent of Dropbox for Word documents).  I do not have a system for organizing what I learn, what I want to read in the future etc.  I plan to explore the use of Pintrest, Diigo, Evernote and Pearltree, both for my own organization and as teaching tools.  First stop is

2) Utilize social media to learn from peers
   - I joined Google + and Twitter six weeks ago as a part of the EDC MOOC.  I found it to be a wonderful community and way to learn.  Who knew I would like twitter chats (thank goodness for tweetchat during those frentic chats).  I haven't yet figured out circles, following etc but I will participate in the 817open google + group and have more opportunity to learn how I want to use social media for learning.

3) Use a variety of tools in creating learning objects
   - My technology skills have been for the most part limited to Word and PowerPoint.  I plan to explore a bit more of the many different tools that I was introduced to during the EDCMOOC and to think about when to use various tools (if at all).  The starting list of tools from EDC MOOC is below and I plan to continue to look at the various digital artifacts created-
  1. Facebook Interaction Tracker-
  2. Timeline-
  3. Scoopit- (Laurie Niestrath)
  4. Tiki-Toki Timeline - (HB Hessler)
  5. Diigo - (Rick Bartlett) (Laaurie Niestrath)
  6. Pinterest - (Ary Aranguiz)
  7. Glogster -
  8. Youtube-
  9. Ustream -
  10. http://infogr.am11.Mixbook -
  11. Storify-
  12. New Hive -
  13. Slideshare-
  14. WebDoc-
  15. BlogTalkRadio-
  16. Knovio-
  17. Google Hangouts - record your hangouts
  18. Prezi - (Laurie Niestrath)
  19. Voicethread- (Ary Aranguiz)
  20. Photostory- (Laurie Niestrath)
  21. Thinglink - (Kay Oddone)
  22. Animoto -
  23. Piktochart -
  24. Wix - (Jono Purdy)
  25. Popplet - (Jono Purdy)
  26. Animaps - (Jono Purdy)
  27. Museum Box - (Jono Purdy)
  28. Sqworl - (Jono Purdy)
  29. Popcorn Maker - (Jono Purdy)
  30. Ipiccy - (Anne Robertson)
  31. Sketchguru - free android app (Anne Robertson)
  32. Picmonkey - (Marina Shemesh)
  33. Wordle - (create word clouds) (Marina Shemesh)
  34. Adobe Captivate - (authoring tool) (Madhura Pradhan)
  35. Articulate Suite - (authoring tool) (Madhura Pradhan)
  36. Storybird - (Cristina Silva)
  37. ImageChef - (Cristina Silva)
  38. Dipity - (Cristina Silva)
  39. Livebinders (Eileen Lawlor)
  40. Videoscribe: (Angela Towndrow)
  41. PearlTrees: (Cathleen Nardi
  42. SlideRocket- (Annie Oosterwyk)
  43. Meograph- / (Annie Oosterwyk)
  44. Wallwisher: (Ora Baumgarten)
  45. Organize anything, together ! ( gianni buspo)
  46. Mahara (Linda Pospisilova)
  47. Jing (Kay Oddone) - Screen capture and screen casting tool - great for creating tutorials!

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