Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reflection on Open Learning

This is my final reflection for the Open Learning course (and my first attempt at a narrated video).  I've learned a lot and will continue to think about and refer to the resources in this course.  It has shifted my perspective, especially in considering what roles learners can have in open education. Thank you to Martin Weller and his team for the course and for having it continue as an OER.  And thanks to all those in the Google+ community that I learn from and learn with.


  1. Dale, I appreciate your thoughts on getting the "medical" team to work and learn together and also allow that for the families involved in the system. Good luck with your "new eyes". I would love to keep up with your journey.

  2. Thanks Deborah- Where I work we have parents on staff as parent navigators which has been a wonderful experience for our families and our staff. I'm still not quite sure where Open Education will go with this but it will be an interesting journey. Thanks for all your encouragement and founding the Google + community- I followed you and some others from EDCMOOC to H817. I'm sure our paths will continue to cross as we learn together.

  3. Hi Dale - nice video. I agree so much about the importance of metaphor. I think some people brought metaphors to H817 which didn't help them, so I really need to find metaphors that help learners (or whatever we should call them!), particularly early on.
    Good luck with your work, I'd be interested to hear if any H817 inspired stuff comes about. You raise some interesting possibilities